£40K needed to keep Creating Futures

Published: Thursday 06 September 2018 by CMPP

Can the community come together to help support this fantastic local charity? We believe that by working together we can create positive change! So come on, let's put our passion, purses and pennies together and help spread the word for Creating Futures so that they can continue to create brighter futures for youngsters in our community!

Who are Creating Futures?

Creating Futures (CF) are the leading local charity providing intensive support for challenging, vulnerable at ‘at risk’ young people in the Borough of Rushmoor. They also provide Gateway Youth Provision (nightly youth clubs) that help them to build trusted long-term relationships with young people.

With the support of CF, young people don’t enter the criminal justice system, or they stay out of it. They stay in school – and if they can’t, CF support them to study for and sit their GCSE’s. They stop being exploited. They improve relationships with their families. They get jobs and apprenticeships instead of claiming benefits. They provide for their families rather than robbing or dealing. They get some form of education, even if the education system has let them down.

When school, children’s services, the police, housing, other agencies, family and friends give up, CF never do. That’s why they have the respect and trust of the young people they work with. And that’s why the team at Creating Futures are the only ones that can really help them to create their own futures.

Creating Futures Closure of Youth Provision

CF are struggling financially, lack of funding has resulted in the following youth provisions being closed down until further notice: Aldershot Park Youth, Cheeky Monkeys Play, CM Youth (Tuesday at Mayfield), North Town Youth, The Gaming Zone - (Thursday at Mayfield), Unsafe 2 Safe Project

Speaking on behalf of the charity, Tracy Yates comments: "It is with deep regret that we can confirm the following youth clubs have had to close due to a lack of funding from local stakeholders who benefit greatly from our Gateway Youth Provision. We would like to thank everyone who has funded us in the last 3 years, when we stopped being funded by statutory agencies. We have funded our gateway youth provision through our own fundraising events and donations and we are afraid it's not enough to deliver the high quality youth support our communities deserve. Please rest assured that all other directly funded provision and services will continue until June 2019."

If only passion, enthusiasm and drive were enough to keep these fantastic services afloat...unfortunately they're not and this is why Creating Futures need to raise 40k in 4 weeks?

If CF can raise just £40,000 in 4 weeks they can ensure that by April 2019 we are in a stronger position to fight for the rights of children and young people and most importantly, keep them safe. CF can have the breathing space to write over £1 million worth of funding bids for 3 years sustainable funding. CF can stop having to rely on short-term sticking plaster solutions.

If 100 of the top earners in our Borough donated £400 each CF could raise that instantly. If people are invited to make one charitable donation of £400 they can feel confident that the money is invested locally – with over 78% of every £1 going on direct frontline delivery. CF could thrive again – develop and grow a flagship charity – rather than see such a valuable community asset stagnate and struggle.

CF also need to raise £40,000 to ensure that we are still operating in June 2019 . Unfortunately CF can’t stick a picture of a young person in a cap and tracksuit smoking cannabis on our fundraising posters and ask for donations so we can ‘Hug a Hoodie’. Fluffy cats and dogs, yes, angelic looking children, yes. As a small, local charity working in challenging economic circumstances and battling the upsurge in gang-related culture, knife crime and substance misuse, we face tough competition for the hearts of charitable donors.


The Executive Board of a leading national Children’s Charity were paid over £859,000 in salaries, £89,000 in pensions and £18,000 in benefits in 2016/17. That £996,000 would enable Creating Futures to run incredible, superior quality, life-changing programmes of support for at least 5 years.

It is reported widely how incredibly difficult it is to fund work with challenging young people. Sue Tibballs OBE and Founder of Women in Sport, speaks publicly about the need to invest in local charities who have the long-term trusted relationships that young people need to feel safe and raise their aspirations. Marilyn Hawes, children’s rights campaigner and regular commentator on Sky News, despairs of the millions of pounds that are invested in national charities such as Barnardo’s, yet we are seeing nothing change at smaller, more local and specialised levels.

What we will achieve with your funding and support

  • CF could save the public purse well over £5 million in the next 3 years. Through a reduction in the number of young people entering the criminal justice system, reducing those claiming benefits and creating local prosperity by supporting young people to gain employment, training, apprenticeships and further education
  • Fine tune our strategy for April 2019-March 2022, recruiting new Board members to enable us to develop strong robust business plans, strategic objectives and funding strategies
  • Invest in the Mayfield Community Centre to become a truly inclusive place of togetherness and hope, developing a real sense of community for the first time in over 20 years
  • Create strong funding bids for 3-year projects, including partnership/consortium bids
  • Continue to develop the MOP#148 project – transforming the lives of 11-25s through small group work, practical labour, exercise, sport, art and education by stealth
  • Develop a strong Case for Support
  • Network and meet with those with affluence, power and access to funding streams who can help CF make genuine social change
  • To continue to be a voice, particularly focusing on the Prospect Community and lower working classes
  • Continue to develop the partnership with The Source Young People’s Charity enabling both charities to advocate on behalf of young people in the Borough of Rushmoor and surrounding areas

What action can you take?

  1. Approach the Executive Board of your company to consider a personal donation of £400. 100 top earners x £400 = £40k instantly.
  2. Run ‘quick turnaround’ fundraising events – dress down days, quiz night, fancy dress, bake-off, sponsored walk/run/cycle/silence! 100 companies raising £400 = £40k in 4 weeks.
  3. Awareness raising – Please help CF to do that by encouraging everyone you meet to invest their charitable donations LOCALLY. It doesn’t matter what charity it is, just encourage people to make it a local one!
  4. Join CF in the “4 weeks to 40k” challenge. - Whilst CF are asking those that could possibly afford to make a donation of £400 they are genuinely appreciative of every single penny that is donated. If you are able to donate, please consider doing so. If you regularly support a national charity, please consider switching to Creating Futures to ensure your money is invested in local children and young people.

Donations can be made by BACS to Creating Futures 40-35-45, 31610635.

Please make cheques payable to ‘Creating Futures’ and drop in or post to Mayfield Community Centre, 14 Totland Close, Farnborough, GU14 8TX. Please email tracy@creatingfuturesrushmoor.org to receive acknowledgement, profuse thanks and a Gift Aid form. We have never asked directly for cash before. Time for change all round.

Thank you for supporting local people to have hope and smash the cycle of deprivation.

Enquiries: tracy@creatingfuturesrushmoor.org or via LinkedIn (Tracy Yates)


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