Rushmoor Community Lottery is LIVE!

Published: Thursday 20 July 2017 by CMPP

Is community important to you? Do you want to do more to support your local community? 

Have no fear, Rushmoor Community Lottery is here!

The brilliant initiative set up by Rushmoor Borough Council enables local community groups and projects to be the beneficiaries of the lottery.

How does it work you ask?

Should you chose to be a part of the community lottery, you can support local causes and win prizes of up to £25,000! 50% of all tickets sold from our Rushmoor Community Lottery page go to us and a further 10% goes to other good causes in Rushmoor. Win win.

Support the work of CMPP by buying £1 tickets from the Rushmoor Community Lottery! 50% of all tickets sold comes directly to's really that easy!


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