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04 Jan - Christmas Food Drive 2017

Supporting Farnborough & Aldershot Foodbanks with over 1 tonne of goods!

04 Jan - Christmas Gift Drive 2017

Bringing the magic of Christmas to all in Rushmoor!

27 Dec - BMW Group UK Raise Thousands for CMPP!

BMW opened their Christmas Market to over 400 employees to help raise funds for the local community

15 Dec - Going GRIM for the Community!

A huge thanks to Katy Marlow, Jane Sheridan and Kevin Mailey!

06 Nov - Winter is Coming...

Launch of Christmas Food and Gift Drives!

09 Oct - Balmoral Pond Project 2017

On 6 October 2017, over 80 employee volunteers from CMPP joined local residents in Frimley and volunteered a day of their time to clean and dig out an old Balancing Pond which has not been maintained in over 20 years.

09 Oct - Bringing Great Minds Together for Our Community!

Community Minds returns for November!

04 Oct - Knights, Zurich and Grainger went NUTS!

On 2 September 2017 a range of employees from across CMPP went totally nuts on the toughest mud filled obstacle course - The Nuts Challenge!

18 Sep - Are you GRIM enough?!

Join CMPP on one Grim Challenge!

20 Jul - Rushmoor Community Lottery is LIVE!

Support the work of CMPP by buying tickets from the Rushmoor Community Lottery for as little as £1 per week

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