Community Action Days

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Community Action Days

The CMPP Community Action days are aimed at supporting local schools, youth groups, charities, colleges and not-for-profit organisations who work with young people in and around Rushmoor.

These volunteering events provide the perfect opportunity for us to find a way to help you do what it is you do so well! A typical team size for a project is normally between 5 and 25 people both skilled and non-skilled employees from across the area.

Ideas for Community Action days may include: gardening or allotment projects within your school grounds, painting and renovation projects of youth charities, conservation projects that work with young people, education and business clean-up day, mentoring days, mock interviews, literacy projects, careers events and inspirational talks. Basically we will look to support any local project that aims to raise the aspirations and progression opportunities of local young people.

If needed for your project, we are also able to offer £500 in funding (with thanks to Partners of CMPP for raising this money) for materials.  

All applications received will be sent to the Partners of CMPP for consideration. We cannot guarantee that your project will be chosen but we will try our hardest to get as much support as possible for you.

Please register your interest via a short on-line application form, we will be in touch shortly.

Please note your project MUST be based or run within the Rushmoor area and surroundings and it must involve young people between the ages of 2 and 21.

For further information or for an informal chat, please email: