2016 Grant Beneficiaries

CMPP Partners and Associates awarded the following Grants in 2016: 

  Project Title  Organisation  Grant Donation: 
1 TEA Fair The Sixth Form College Farnborough £2,000.00
2 Hear Me Roar Creating Futures £1,944.00
3 Ready, Steady, Cook Cove School £2,000.00
4 Acheeva Parity for Disability £1,130.00
5 Fab Cafe Work Experience Programme  Parkside £1,800.00
6 Tour of 'High' Peer Productions £1,950.00
7 Talent Grant Step by Step £2,000.00
8 Employability and Confidence Fluid Motion Theatre £1,430.00
9 Girls into STEM Education Business Consultancy £2,000.00

Total Amount donated to the community through the Youth Aspirations fund in 2016:

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