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The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is a self-funded charity that encourages and campaigns for local businesses to join a socially minded and responsible business network which actively  looks to make a difference in the community.  

CMPP facilitate, broker and provide many different opportunities for businesses to engage with local organisations in a variety of ways - from networking events, to sharing skills, expertise and resources, and by encouraging active involvement in the community. 

The CMPP charity receives no funding other than from the income we ourselves can generate: from donations, sponsorship of projects and activities, and through creative ways of raising funds. 

Since its formation in 2011, CMPP Rushmoor has raised £925,000 for the local community and delivered a staggering 11,280 thousand hours of corporate volunteering. This outcome has been achieved at a cost of £78,000 per year (accurate as of 2018): a truly extraordinary return on this modest investment. 

The CMP Project has been instrumental in bringing together a collective of many local businesses to work in partnership with schools, colleges, youth groups and voluntary organisations for the benefit of our community. 


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