Acheeva at Parity for Disability

'Acheeving' for All!

Parity for Disability is a local charity that supports people with multiple disabilities. The charity is dedicated to transforming lives through offering the right support to their clients. Parity applied for a Youth Aspirations Fund (YAF) in order to purchase an ‘Acheeva’.

The ‘Acheeva’ is height adjustable, maneuverable and has a choice between sitting and lying. This piece of equipment has been undeniably effective at the Farnborough day service. As Parity for Disability had hoped, people are more comfortable now, regardless of how they are sitting. The Acheeva has helped people to engage in a wider range of activities. Young people are now able to work on learning activities such as counting skills and arts and crafts.

Some students recovering from sores can now successfully heal by lying on different parts of their body whilst still joining in with the fun and activities offered to others. It’s this inclusion for all at our group that make the Acheeva so rewarding. It has also helped staff to remain in comfortable positions as they help their clients, as it means they are no longer floor bound.

Following the success of the Acheeva in Farnborough, Parity for Disability have fundraised for and purchased another new Acheeva for their day service in Mytchett.

Parity for Disability are now looking to raise funds for a third Acheeva for a service in Camberley, if you would like to help please contact them through their website.

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