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Parity Promotes Physiotherapy!

Parity for Disability is a local charity based in Farnborough. Parity for Disability exists to provide service and support to individuals aged 18+ with multiple disabilities, especially those in wheelchairs or with significant physical disability.

In a recent survey of family carers, 71% of respondents believed there would be a negative effect on their family members physical wellbeing if they could not attend Parity.

When young people with multiple disabilities leave full-time education, it’s like falling off a cliff. The opportunities and support they have enjoyed throughout childhood start to disappear, so it’s important for local charities such as Parity to exists and support those individuals with disabilities. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for individuals with physical disability is maintaining the movement and skills they have developed over their time at school. Therefore the work that Parity continues to do for these individuals is crucial to their overall wellbeing.

The Youth Aspirations Fund has been used to provide 5 unique individuals with a special tailor-made programme that enhances mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. The YAF has provided Parity with the ability to extend their services to those in need; integrated individuals into the wider community, giving them a sense of belonging and finally, it is undeniably raised aspirations. From the grant, 5 individuals from the Hart & Rushmoor area were able to receive physiotherapy which otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to access so readily.

Elizabeth Webb, a qualified physiotherapist working for Parity develops a unique physio programme for all students, promoting flexibility and strength whilst reducing stiffness. Elizabeth further consults on issues such as pain, pressure sores, equipment changes and more. The programme helps individuals to retain independence, be active in socialising and communicating with others and, finally, achieve. Thanks to the YAF, Elizabeth has been able to consult with 5 new individuals.

Parity for Disability encourage learning and social activities with up-to-date technology and equipment which are further supported by trained staff. In addition they run external trips on their fleet of fully adapted minibuses to give wider opportunities to their clients. Parity have also invested money into Motomed Stationary Bikes to encourage physical activity and a wealth of benefits from aiding digestion, warming up muscles and providing users with a sense of achievement.

In addition to individual benefits, Parity also helps social cohesion. The students are seen out in public, being treated as valued members of their community. They interact with the wider community network, building awareness and understanding within the community of the vital work that Parity provide. Barriers of preconceptions and judgement are broken down and it’s important that we understand and accept everyone, regardless of ability or background into our community.

Quotes from Parents, Guardians and Carers of service users:

“He would not have the option to access his current physiotherapy programme or have the opportunity to use the motomed cycle.”

“Parity has enabled the student to continue ‘walking’ in a walking sling and allowed movement from one chair to another, standing, motomed/exercise on a weekly basis. Nowhere else would this student have this level of access and help with physical wellbeing.”

“Parity provides him with vital exercise and physiotherapy which he wouldn’t otherwise get.”

“At home, she would be staying in one place only. In parity, she is active, moves around, plays and exercises - it’s amazing!”

100% of respondents said they valued the effect that attending Parity had on their family member’s emotional wellbeing. Many described how their loved one would be distressed, bored and/or andy without the stimulation and activities provided.

“Without Parity, he would be emotionally stressed and with a lot of anxiety”

“Without Parity, he would be bored, short-tempered, frustrated and demanding”

“My daughter would be emotionally distressed if she couldn’t get out of the house”

“Without Parity she would lose her happiness and social interaction”

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