Ambulance Crews of the Future

Raising Aspirations in Young Paramedics! 

Hart First Response (HFR) are a registered charity that aim to help save lives by providing ambulance and first aid cover at local events. The charity also help teach the local community about first aid and how to safely and effectively help someone in need.

The Youth Aspirations Fund (YAF) has given 4 young people, aged between 16-17 with an interested in nursing, healthcare, paramedical science and medicine, the opportunity for training to become a member of the Ambulance Crews of Hart and Rushmoor.

The funding has provided participants with weekly 2 hour in-house training sessions in first aid and pre-hospital skills. In addition to a 3 day First Aid at Work (FAW) course and access to a variety of distance learning courses such as Child Protection Awareness in health run by the NSPCC/EduCare®.

Applications for the course opened in October 2017, and all were lucky enough to be accepted, thanks to the funding from CMPP (and The Rotary). The extensive training has provided participants with an understanding of their potential desired career choice, the hardwork and types of problems they may encounter later on in life.

The prehospital skills they have learned since October includes, learning about the skeleton, burns, bleeding, resuscitation and much more. As part of their training they have also observed the treatment of two patients. The young volunteers have dedicated, to date, 6 hours of their time to support Hook Christmas Festivities and 8 hours to Southern Navigators Orienteering at Ash. Once they have gained their FAW Qualification and completed their DBS check, HFR will be able to use their skills to support other community events.

Further monetary support came from The Rotary Club of Fleet which enabled two extra participants the opportunity to train.

Hart First Response collected some feedback from the budding healthcare professionals, and here’s what they had to say:

“Volunteering at Hart First Response is a great opportunity for me to be able to participate and actively help the community around me. It is a great organisation and they provide a vital service at many local events. I wanted to volunteer to help them cover even more events and I’m really looking forward to helping teach others when I gain sufficient knowledge. I am willing to work hard and take on new challenges and for me, this is the perfect opportunity to further explore a career in healthcare. It will mean I can gain valuable experience with equipment, dealing with situations and talking to patients. I am a personable and resourceful person, with the ability to cope under pressure, adapt to new situations and rise to challenges.” - Volunteer 1

“I believe Hart First Response could give me valuable experience in patient interaction, as well as improving my general communication skills and the ability to deal with more stressful situations. Also, being part of the Ambulance Crew would enable me to gain first aid and medical knowledge as well as experience in using healthcare equipment, as well as exploring a career in healthcare. I believe after training my skills would enable me to participate fully in the Hart First Response Team activities and I hope I could become a valuable member of the team. I’d love to be involved in putting on and covering events as part of the Hart First Response Team and further enhancing my knowledge as to how best care and provide for injured people.” - Volunteer 2

“Ambulance Crews of the Future 2017 would provide a platform for me to extend my knowledge of subjects such as anatomy and first aid - both of which are integral to Medicine. Furthermore, the role could provide some valuable work experience to me. This is because I would be in a medical setting, and therefore could experience what it is like to be in a role such as that of a paramedic/first aider. This would be extremely useful to me as becoming a paramedic is one of the potential career options that I am looking into. Furthermore, I could use and learn from the experiences of others in the Hart First Response group, and their respective medical careers, to better inform myself about my options, with regards to Medicine definitely being the subject that I want to study at university.” - Volunteer 3

“I am interested in Ambulance Crews of the Future as I have been aspiring to become a paramedic, to be out in the community and helping people who are in need. This is because I feel rewarded by helping people, knowing that what I have done has impacted their life in a certain (positive) way. I want to develop more knowledge into the inner working of a paramedic's role and responsibilities before setting off to study at University and this opportunity has allowed me to do so. I think that this opportunity would allow me to work on my people skills to help me to learn how to keep a service user calm while performing necessary duties. Alongside working on my communication skills while working as a team, I have achieved a higher level of teamwork using experience and willingness, furthering my skill set.” - Volunteer 4

“I want to be able to help the wider community with a type of volunteering that I will enjoy and be able to give back to. First aid appeals to me because I want a hands on approach to volunteering which I will be enthusiastic to learn about and use my free time practically for. I think that first aid is a basic lifelong skill that as many people as possible should possess in order to help in scenarios which could be potentially life threatening. Increasing my first aid knowledge would reassure me that in the future I may be able to aid someone who needs my help, and that I may be able to help to teach others how they can support people in similar scenarios.” - Volunteer 5

“I want to learn and improve upon my first aid skills so that I can help and make a meaningful difference to the lives of other people within my community. I have seen the work that doctors and paramedics do through the experiences of both my own and my friends families being treated by these people. I have learnt that it is not just the theoretical knowledge of first aid but the practical application of first aid skills, communication and compassion, that makes paramedics able to provide the help and care that they do. I want to be able to help people and improve skills which are an integral part of being a paramedic. I am keen to learn the aspects of ambulance volunteer work and am particularly interested in the opportunity to learn in a teaching environment at the Tuesday evening sessions and also whilst in the field at different events.” - Volunteer 6

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