Brandon's Challenge at Parkside Fab Cafe

Parkside is a registered charity based in Aldershot that provides support services for children and adults with learning disabilities living in the local area, covering both Hampshire and Surrey.

Parkside help run the FAB Cafe which is situated in Farnborough Library. The local charity run a work experience program for young people with a learning disability. With funding from CMPP's Youth Aspirations Fund, Parkside were able to give work experience support to one new individual, Brandon Yates.

Following on from Farnborough College of Technology, Brandon started his traineeship in October 2017. Brandon successfully completed the Pathways to Independence course over his time at the College and was looking to gain some more skills and experience to support his professional career. 

Since joining the FAB Cafe Brandon has completed a variety of daily training with the staff including:

  • Using professional kitchen equipment safely
  • Operating the hot drinks machine
  • Meeting and greeting customers
  • Health and safety in the workplace

To encourage Brandon to get the most out of his experience, Parkside work with clients to establish a series of goals to work towards. These are updated over the program to ensure outcomes of progression.  Brandon is currently working towards the following SMART targets that have been set specifically for him these are reviewed with him regularly:

  • Engage with the daily routine of the Fab Cafe and get to know the team
  • Learn how to load the dishwasher and unload safety putting away all clean items in their correct location
  • Learn how to check the temperatures of the fridges and freezers and record appropriately


The funding has given Brandon the opportunity to attend his Level 2 Food Hygiene training on 5th October and was successful in passing his exam. He has also attended a Customer Service course and will be attending further courses in Basic First Aid and Money Management in the near future.

Staff feedback

Brandon is a friendly member of the team at the FAB Cafe, however can be very shy. He enjoys coming to the café and is gaining confidence in talking to a variety of people, and never fails to put a smile on a customers face!


Keep an eye out for more updates on Brandon's journey!

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