Employee Fundraising

How do our partners contribute to the Youth Aspirations Fund?

Throughout the year, partner companies of CMPP and their employees invest in the local community by raising money for the Youth Aspiration Fund (YAF).

Employees from Partner companies fundraise in a variety of ways, including:

Check out our events page to see what we have coming up that you could get involved in or why not create your own workplace fundraiser!

How to apply for a YAF?

The YAF encourages local schools, youth groups and other organisations working with young people to apply for a small grant.

The funding of between £500-£2,000 can be used to help inspire young people through a variety of imaginative and innovative projects. We also encourage applicants to apply for employee volunteers from across the CMPP network. For example, asking for 50 volunteers to support your school's reading programme? Or using the expertise of a finance manager to help you set out your charity's annual budget? Or how about using the expertise of College students to deliver your digital marketing campaign? Just a few ideas!

Organisations can apply for a YAF annually between October and November. The application is a brief online form and can be saved as you go (we know how busy you are).

Please be aware that all applications will be reviewed by our Strategic Group Partners in late November with successful applications granted in December.

If you have any queries about the application process, or want to discuss your idea in more depth, please get in touch.

Need inspiration?

Have a look at the case studies (to the right of this page) to see what types of projects have received funded in the past and how this has made a difference to the life opportunities of our local young people!

Pictured Above: Pupils from Cove School attending a Ready, Steady, Cook project funded by the YAF and delivered by the outstanding Army Chefs from Partner organisation - Aldershot Garrison. 

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