Employee Volunteering

Employee volunteering (we call them Give and Get Days) where staff donate time and skills during work hours to tackle local issues. It is an effective and powerful way for businesses to invest in the local community. 

We don't make up the ideas for volunteering, we are driven by the community needs. We ask our local people, charities, schools, youth groups, individuals (basically anyone who needs a helping hand) to complete a short application form (to the right of this page) to let us know how we can help.   

Projects have included: gardening or allotment creations, painting and renovation projects,  conservation projects, education projects, clean-up days, mock interviews, workplace visits and supporting activities for those living in isolation (check out the case studies to the right) 

We know from experience that volunteering projects are hard to resource (who is going to pay for the materials!) and so CMPP (through employee volunteering) are able to offer £500 for resources or materials needed per project.  

Please note if you are submitting an application for a G&G day your project MUST be based or take place within the local area. To apply for a G&G day click here 

If you would like to discuss a team building event for your staff please email us hello@cmpp.org.uk 

Employees from CMPP organisations install a music therapy garden at Henry Tyndale School.

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