Hear Me Roar with Creating Futures

"I am a champion and you're gonna hear me ROAR!"

'Hear Me Roar' was produced by Creating Futures as a response to emerging concerns in Rushmoor and Hart about the vulnerability of young women throughout 2014/2015. Creating Futures started working with children's services, schools, the police and the safer neighbourhoods, amongst other organisations, to identify those most at risk. 

The project and adjacent course aimed to:

  • Have fewer young people subjected to child sexual exploitation
  • Give young people increased awareness of what sexual abuse and exploitation looks like and how to report their concerns
  • Raise young people's self-esteem and body confidence.

Katie's* Case Study

Creating Futures started working with Katie in 2015 due to her being on a Child Protection Plan. Katie comes from a chaotic family – a brother with significant anger and substance misuse problems and both parents unemployed and with mental health challenges.

Katie was sexually assaulted at the age of 12 and at the age of 13 was engaging in risky behaviour which included sexual activity, contact with unknown males online, truancy, smoking, smoking cannabis, alcohol misuse and dressing and presenting as much older than her years.

Katie actually attended the pilot project however did not complete it. We offered her the opportunity to try the course again and she fully attended – often turning up early!

Katie said that the course was beneficial in a number of ways – she got to mix with different girls, she developed an understanding of how her behaviour was putting her at increased risk and began to understand the potential motives of older males wanting to ‘go out’ with her. We also supported her to attend the sexual health drop-ins.

Katie has now improved her school attendance significantly. She has a steady boyfriend, and whilst he is older than her, her parents approve of the relationship and it does not appear exploitative. Her SERAF school improved dramatically. She is attending school classes and is staying out of trouble rather than causing it or being the centre of any drama. She is focused on achieving her GCSEs. She is still smoking although report that her cannabis and alcohol misuse has decreased markedly.

Katie has re-emerged as a confident young woman who is assertive rather than aggressive (although she does still have some angry outbursts that we continue to support her with) and is now in a position of emotional safety.


* Used to protect the real identity of the individual.

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