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CMPP offers a unique opportunity to do something of great value for the local community as well as for your business.

Business benefits include: 

  • Enhanced brand value and reputation 
  • Evidence for tenders on how you support your community 
  • Business opportunities 
  • Workforce Development
  • Team building - which makes a real difference
  • Leading the way in how companies work together to engage with communities 

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Organised fundraising events. Hey, you just turn up we do the rest! 
  • Employee volunteering days! 
  • Networking events - bringing you all together to discuss, share ideas and form strong local relationships. 
  • Additional Marketing and PR opportunities to raise your profile; 
  • New contacts - it is of course about who you know! 
  • Help, ideas and insight to ensure your CSR programme really counts. 

The cost to run the project: 

CMPP is a self-financed project, the income to run comes from the members' annual donations. This creates sustainability;  the project will always be around to help you deliver your social responsibility in the most cost effective and impactful way (meaning that no one can take away the funds to run this project, it will remain active as long as you do). 

The donation to join CMPP is as below

  • Corporate Partner (100+ employees)  £5000 
  • Public Sector and Medium Sized Business (50-100 employees)  £2500 
  • Associate Partner or Small Business (10-49 employees): £1000
  • Micro Business (1-9 employees): £500
  • Charities and Voluntary Organisations: £500 

The Project Manager presents the CMPP accounts to each quarterly Steering Group meeting and summaries and outcomes of all grants made to local projects are available here on our Fundraising  and Volunteering pages.  You can therefore see at a glance exactly how your donations and support are helping your local community to not only survive but to thrive.

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