Safe Driving with Accelerate Driver Training

An Innovative Approach to Driving with Go Karts & Visual Impairment Goggles

Accelerate Driver Training are a local driving company with an unique approach to young driver training. The comprehensive programme teaches theory and practical and most importantly the risks to young drivers and how to be safe on the roads.

Accelerate applied for a Youth Aspirations Fund to purchase 6 pedal go-karts and 6 sets of vision impairment goggles to highlight the dangers of drink/drug driving to new drivers. Accelerate work closely with The Sixth Form College Farnborough and Robert Mays to increase their impact and keep as many young drivers as possible safe on the roads whilst driving. 

The equipment purchased via the YAF has been used both within The Sixth Form College and Robert Mays at events and has reached over 400 students across both establishments. At these events, students are asked to drive the go-kart normally, and then asked to repeat the circuit with the goggles on. The goggles give a strong sense of being under the influence and steer youngsters from even thinking about getting in a car after a drink. Accelerate have observed that young drivers with the goggles are 90% more likely to crash into the circuit cones and the drivers have been able to see a significant (negative) difference in their driving ability. 

Getting students thinking about Road Safety can have a massive impact, and can help to save lives. Educating young people about how to be safe on the roads, and not misuse vehicles is important for the local community and keeping people out of harm whilst in a car. 

Accelerate commented: "If just one of those students restrains him/herself from drink or drug driving we may just have saved a death or serious injury. The cost of one road traffic collision fatality is calculated at £2 million, and an injury £200,000. That is just the financial cost, not considering the emotional cost to people involved (family, friends, victims, doctors, nurses and more)".

Joanna West, Headteacher at Robert Mays, commented: "The work that Accelerate is undertaking will undoubtedly cause a reduction in young driver road casualties. The ingenious use of the go-karts to enable young people to sample personally the way in which drink/drugs can affect judgement is significant and lasting."

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