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CMPP is a dynamic charity helping local companies to deliver fantastic Corporate Social Responsibility projects locally.  For easy access to dozens of corporate volunteering activities and opportunities, simply become a CMPP Partner.

Companies recognise that there are few better ways to demonstrate their commitment to society, the environment and their stakeholders than through a programme of Corporate Social Responsibility. Our world, the people and organisations in it, are becoming ever more interconnected.  CSR is a great way to actively manage those connections to benefit your company as well as those people, organisations and communities with which you work closely. 

We love to help companies connect with their communities through corporate volunteering projects. Take a look at the Community Action Days and flagship Corporate Volunteering Scheme on this website to see the types of projects companies have taken on and the brilliant changes they have brought about in local communities. 

We warmly welcome any company, no matter what size or nature, to join our ambition to promote the value of corporate volunteering in the community. We currently operate in the Boroughs of Hart, Rushmoor, Surrey Heath and Woking. 

If you are interested in partnering with us, we would love to work with you.  

You can email us at: hello@cmpp.org.uk or call on 01252 688257

CMPP - a corporate volunteering charity helping your company get active in the community with ease and effectiveness. 

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