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We are CMPP and we are a small charity who are all about bringing great companies together to work in collaboration to support the needs of the local community through a variety of corporate volunteering opportunities and events. 

Our objective is to help communities to thrive by addressing local priorities through corporate volunteering projects. CMPP currently operate in two communities in Rushmoor and in woking.  In Rushmoor corporate volunteers take part in projects that help raise the aspirations of young people and get them ready for the world of work. In Woking, Corporate Volunteering addresses projects that help address a health and wellbeing theme from providing helping hands in Dementia centres to working with young people in schools who have lower self-esteem. 

We believe that amazing things happen when you bring excellent people and excellent organisations together to do good works in their community. 

CMPP warmly welcome any company no matter what size or nature to join our conquest to propel the good of business into the community.

Sign up and become a Partner of the project today and do something ethically brilliant! 

As a Partner of CMPP you have access to: 

  • A fantastic variety of corporate volunteering opportunities and activities for your employees; 
  • A platform to share ideas and to collaborate on projects that benefit the community; 
  • An engagement tool for your employees alongside personal development opportunities;
  • A programme of organised fundraising events which you can just turn up too; 
  • A hub of help and support for new projects, ideas and guidance. 

If you are interested in being a Partner of the project then please get in touch for an informal chat.

You can email us at: hello@cmpp.org.uk or call on 01252 688257

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