Southwood Infant School Community Action Day with UK Cloud and UK Connect

Published: Tuesday 27 April 2021 by CMPP

On Wednesday 21st April a team from UK Connect and UK Cloud went out to Southwood Infant School to help them with their outdoor gardening projects. This involved clearing and tidying their outdoor woodland classroom, sanding and painting benches, emptying compost bins, weeding and planting new flowers around the grounds.



Kate Hurst, Culture Manager from UK Connect shares her comments of the day "UK Connect jumped at the chance to take part in the first Community Action Day we could. Having partnered with CMPP last year it has been difficult to do any face-to-face volunteering so the opportunity to get outside and give back to a local infant school was one we jumped at. The fact we could combine our volunteering with a bit of a team get together was amazing. Some of us hadn’t seen each other for a long time and others who joined the team during lockdown had never met in person at all! UK connect give 5 volunteering days a year to all our team members and this is something we promote and encourage everyone to take advantage of. The feeling you get from giving back and knowing you have helped someone is so nice. The fact we chose a very sunny day to volunteer was a bonus, as was the pub visit at the end of it! Can’t wait to do it again. The team had an amazing day. The opportunity to get away from our desks and give back to the local community was so lovely."

Alyesha Gull, Senior Project Manager from UK Cloud gives her feedback from the day "The CMPP day was thoroughly beneficial to all. It was a chance to see colleagues outside of work and gain a sense of achievement by giving back to the community with some aching limbs at the end of the day."

Claire Andrews, Teaching Assistant Southwood Infants  "The team from UK Connect and UK Cloud plus the two leaders from CMPP have made a huge difference to the appearance of our school grounds. In a few hours they have transformed the seating areas around the school which immediately impacts the children. Personally I am thrilled to have had out many composters sorted as we missed the opportunity last year due to Covid. They also completed many other jobs from a very long list to an extremely high standard and tidied up after themselves. We can’t thank them enough!" - Claire Andrews continues to say "Everyone involved was extremely professional, enthusiastic and capable. They all worked extremely hard and achieved much more than we expected, especially given the Covid restrictions in place in school which makes access to some areas tricky. In addition, the two CMPP leaders were excellent, organised the team efficiently and liaised with school staff at all times. Not only did the team do all this but they tidied up really well afterwards. Thank you to all concerned"

On behalf of CMPP we would like to thank all the volunteers involved for all of their hard work on this Community Action Day. Southwood Infant School were absolutely thrilled with the results, you have all made such an amazing difference!