CMPP Celebrates 2017 in Style

Published: Wednesday 18 April 2018 by CMPP

The past few years has seen CMPP collaborate with increasing numbers of business leaders and managers of large, medium and small organisations, harnessing their skills, resources and energy to find innovative ways to address societal needs at a strategic level. This has brought significant benefits to local organisations, transformed the local community and seen the development of a concentrated programme of activities aimed at raising the aspirations of young people in the area; a strategic focus identified by Rushmoor Borough Council.  

As a result of the efforts of CMPP Partners:

  • £72,940 has been raised by local employees and students to support Youth Aspirations Fund community projects over the past two years;
  • Over 250 employee and student volunteers have helped rebuild and regenerate local areas, from ponds to buildings;
  • 2200 manpower hours have been donated by business partners to local schools and colleges to support youth aspiration through skills training, careers development and industry insight events;
  • 52 charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations have benefited from grant funding of between £500 and £2000 to establish new and inspirational ideas to support young people in the community;
  • 28 partner companies have helped to build new outdoor learning centres, gardens, and provide resources to improve youth health and wellbeing;
  • A new qualification for schools - the CMPP Employability Diploma - has been developed;
  • CMPP Woking has opened with 14 founding partners to support health and wellbeing in the area, a need identified by the local authority.

Commenting on the programme, Tracy Jarvis, Founder of CMPP, said: “Our pioneering network of socially responsible, visionary organisations is committed to tackling social issues in the community through collaboration. Our partners represent integrity, generosity and kindness and genuinely want to make a difference to their community.  Their commitment and achievements are being widely recognised. We are delighted that youth unemployment in Rushmoor has reduced from 14 per cent to less than 1%, the lowest it has been for 10 years, which is testament to the success of community collaboration.” 

“I am incredibly proud of CMPP’s success and its potential for growth.  Our pioneering business partners have championed this concept from day one and proven it has potential for development in other communities.  Our Woking launch has been warmly welcomed. We are making representations to the Minister for Civil Society in the coming weeks to explore the possibility of the CMPP model being part of a Government manifesto-committed agenda for the future.”

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