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Published: Thursday 30 August 2018 by CMPP

SATRO is an educational charity and social enterprise which has been working with young people in Surrey and the South East for over 30 years. In that time we have inspired over 450,000 young people.

SATRO provides real-life experience of all aspects of the working world, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through a diverse and challenging range of programmes. We work closely with schools, businesses and volunteers to inspire young people, fuelling their passion and enthusiasm for their future careers.

Currently, SATRO are looking to hire a Programmes Manager to lead on all STEM based programmes.

Do you have what it takes to inspire our next generation?


Job Title: Manager – SATRO Programmes

Reports to: CEO

Number of direct reports: Mobiles Tutors, plus “dotted line” direction to internal support staff and management of project related Associates (freelance).

Hours: Min 24 hours/week.

Core office hours of 9am-5pm Mon to Fri. Occasionally, additional hours may be required both inside and outside of core, to support specific programme needs. Salary/Benefits: Flexible Working (occasionally from home) possible; 28 days holiday (excluding Bank Holidays) pro rata; workplace pension; overtime with approval or TOIL.

Key Responsibilities: 

1. Responsible for overall management of all SATRO STEM based programmes (including the Mobile
Construction Classrooms but excluding mentoring) across the organisation, through reference to, the
current related SATRO strategy to include regular meetings with CEO and colleagues, to ensure a coherent
cross-SATRO approach.

2. Working with the CEO, Board of Trustees and other SATRO staff/associates, to develop, own, monitor and
implement the strategy and business plan for the above programmes which can guide the growth,
evolution and development of the programmes to suit and match stakeholder and participant needs.

3. Responsible for providing content for marketing and communication activity required to support and
promote applicable SATRO programmes to:

  • STEM companies/organisations who will support the programmes financially and/or via volunteers
  • Charitable funders who will support the programme financially
  • End users such as schools, colleges another users of SATRO programmes
    • (These activities are implemented through liaison with and the support of the SATRO
      Marketing and Events team and the SATRO Fundraising team.)

4. To work closely with the SATRO Fundraising team to:

  • provide input to funding bids and applications where appropriate
  • to develop positive and successful working relationships with funders and develop stewardship
    plans, taking the relationship lead for major funders
  • to produce informative year end programme related outcome reports

5. To be the ‘public face’ of the aforementioned SATRO programmes.

6. To seek and develop opportunities to cross sell SATRO programmes to existing users and to broaden the
SATRO client base in geographic areas determined by the SATRO strategy.

7. Provide direction to admin and event support staff to ensure that the Mobile Classrooms and all other
SATRO STEM programmes have the resources (human, material and financial) to operate as effectively as
possible and in accordance with the project specification as determined by the SATRO Programmes

8. To be ultimately responsible for the content and approval of the programme related staff briefing and
related documentation. Documentation is produced with the support of internal delivery staff.

9. Provide leadership and line management to the Mobiles Programme Tutors, to include appraisals and

10. To liaise with the Operations and Events Manager to provide input and to ensure that project delivery
practices are clear, consistent and documented across all applicable SATRO programmes.

11. To liaise with the Fundraising Team and Operations and Events Manager, to provide input and suggestions
as to the content, format, funding and promotion of large scale events e.g. TeenTech and Awards

12. To attend relevant SATRO programmes in action to provide support as required and to continually assess
quality of delivery and relevance.

13. As the registered internal verifier, to ensure the delivery of our Mobile Construction Classrooms meets the
Quality Assurance criteria and that course work is compiled and assessed in accordance with the
requirements our chosen accreditation bodies (BTEC and City & Guilds).

14. Monitor emerging situation regarding the renewal, replacement or acquisition of new
qualifications/accreditations for SATRO and adapt delivery and or programme strategy if required.

15. Responsible for the ongoing financial management of the aforementioned SATRO programmes, through
liaison with internal staff to ensure timely invoicing and being responsible for the oversight,
understanding, forecasting and management of the programme budgets.

16. To develop excellent working relationships with any subcontracted staff or delivery partners, ensuring
consistent delivery and representation of SATRO across all programmes. This includes the recruitment
(including issuing of contracts), training and relationship management for individuals or organisations.

17. To support the SATRO Fundraising Team in the ongoing management of client relationships and
identification of possible new funders.

18. To actively seek out new partners and contributors in STEM related education and industries, who could
support SATRO the development and delivery of current and new programmes.

19. To attend review or development meetings with funders or corporates, as deemed necessary.

20. To participate in STEM industry forums, relevant business networking or careers/educational events to
promote SATRO and its range of programmes, as agreed with the CEO (this excludes any similar
meetings/groups that the post holder wishes to pursue on a personal level).

21. To develop relationships with STEM and or Careers Co-Ordinators and Leaders within Schools, to promote
SATRO programmes and to gather feedback as to programme successes, the needs of users and relevance
to education.

22. To analyse and utilise all feedback and research gathered to help inform and continuously develop SATRO
strategy in relation to Programmes.


To find out more about SATRO please visit or to apply for the role, please send your CV and a covering letter by email to

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