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Published: Tuesday 09 October 2018 by CMPP

CMPP are delighted to announce the Youth Aspirations Fund is now open!

You can apply for funding of up to £2,000 to support imaginative, innovative and inspirational projects that help motivate, educate, raise aspirations and support emotional well-being in young people in and around Rushmoor. The funding can pay for your time to organise the project, it can pay for equipment and resources needed to deliver the project and other related costs such as marketing or running costs. 

As well as financial support, we would strongly encourage applicants to apply for employee volunteers from across the CMPP network. CMPP has access to over 17,000 local employees who are all encouraged by their responsible businesses to donate time and skills within the community. It would be great if you were able to make use of that wealth of manpower by matching it up with your project idea. As examples, funding and volunteers for your school's reading and or maths programmes, or business expertise support a new digital marketing campaign or skilled labour to support a curriculum project say a new solar panel garden. 

The YAF application is a brief and online form and can be saved as you go. It should not take more than 1-hour to complete (as a small charitable organisation ourselves we know how important time is).

CMPP businesses who have helped raise money for the YAF will meet in the later part of November to score applications. We really would love to support as many project ideas as possible but we are only able to gift out what we have raised, so we may not be able to fulfil every application that we receive in. Successful applications will be notified and awarded in December.

Paul Marcus, Chairman of CMPP and Managing Director of Eagle Radio said: “The Youth Aspiration Fund offers a great opportunity for young people to be inspired. Lots of schools, colleges, charities and voluntary groups have great ideas for raising aspirations in young people but often lack the funds and expertise to make it happen. The Youth Aspirations Fund can get those ideas going.”

If you have any queries about the application process, or want to discuss your idea in more depth, please do get in touch with Jenna - or call 01252 688248.

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