Parkside (Aldershot learning difficulties) get a revamped website thanks to Farnborough International! - A skills sharing project

Published: Wednesday 05 December 2018 by CMPP

Jackie Carr, Fundraising Manager at Parkside Charity. 

As a charity we have limited funds when it comes to marketing and digital development and so we contacted CMPP to see if they could help us find someone to create a new website who would understand our values and was able to create something that really worked for the charity. 

A meeting was set up and we met Wanda Arden who worked for CMPP Partner organisation Farnborough International.  CMPP also realised that we needed better photography and this meeting also put us in touch with local professional  photographer Shaun Jackson who volunteered all his time for free!!

We are well in to the projects requirements and Wanda has been patient and understanding around the charities needs. We hope to have the new site early next year so watch this space!

The power of networking has really shone throughout this project none of which would have been possible without CMPP her to broker these relationships. As a small charity with limited staff resources the service that CMPP delivers is outstanding and truly demonstrates the power of business and community working together. 

Thank you!

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