CMPP Delighted to announce SwitchFoot Teams has joined the partnership network.

Published: Thursday 14 March 2019 by CMPP

Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP), is delighted to announce that SwitchFoot Teams, the app that lets users link all the accounts over which they have power of attorney, or need to access as an executor, has joined the Partnership.  

SwitchFoot Teams was developed as a result of a collaboration between an IFA, an accountant and a technologist, identifying and solving the problem that faces
many personal attorneys and executors, who are overwhelmed by an unfamiliar process that demand access to documents they don’t have, don’t know about, or struggle to find.


SwitchFoot Teams’ user-friendly interface allows users, whether they are family members, a joint attorney or a professional advisor, to securely store, share and access documents from one place. It can also generate comprehensive financial reports suitable for the office of the public guardian. 

Commenting on joining the Community Matters Partnership Project, Sebastian Elwell, FPFS Director, said: “We have been helped by so many people over the years in so many small ways. Encouraging words, unexpected opportunities, and we feel really lucky to have the opportunity to give something back to our local area.”

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