Sixth Sense Marketing and Workflow Document Solutions - Community Action Day

Published: Monday 02 September 2019 by CMPP

Parkside are a charity based in Aldershot who provides help and support for over 230 children and adults with learning difficulties. Their aim is to support opportunity, develop individual skills and encourage participation in activities. They had requested the help of two volunteers to help tidy up their building and as they had been kindly donated a skip for the morning it was important that the volunteers got stuck in straight away!

 Jackie from Parkside said "It was becoming evident that we had a storage problem and we realised we needed a clear out. The clearing means we now have easier access to items we need to get at and we were able to ascertain equipment that was broken and not retrievable. We needed access to the loft frequently which after the clear-out is now no longer an issue and is much appreciated by the staff who go up there!"

 Nick, Director of Sixth Sense Marketing said of the day, “I enjoyed helping Parkside with its clear out and tidy up today. Jackie and Suzanne were hugely friendly and they took time to tell us about their work. We met some of the charity beneficiaries and were also shown around the sensory room. It was clear that our help made a real and positive contribution to helping the charity create more space. It was one of the most rewarding Mondays that I have had for a long time!”

Thank you both so much for volunteering for this fantastic charity through the CMPP Business Ambassador Corporate Volunteering Scheme! 

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