CMPP welcome Dynavics

Published: Wednesday 11 September 2019 by CMPP




Dynavics deliver the next generation of business management applications, helping businesses to grow beyond the limits of basic accounting software. Replacing basic accounting software with an all-in-one business management solution, Dynavics can help break down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations. Dynavics also offer reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 support services on which so many organisations depend.

Commenting on joining CMPP, Kieran Coles, Finance Director, said: "Quite simply we would like to genuinely and meaningfully give back and CMPP allows us to do so much more than just make financial donations. We now have the opportunity to properly engage with the community by offering our time, skill and expertise. Being a CMPP Partner allows our company, employees and family to really connect with the community on a personal level. We are extremely proud to be a Partner.”

Tracy Jarvis, CMPP CEO, added: We warmly welcome Dynavics to the CMPP partnership and really look forward to working with this progressive thinking company who are putting CSR at the heart of their ethos and whole company thinking.”

Pictured opposite: Kieran Coles, Finance Director, and Dan Jones, Technical Director, of Dynavics with Tracy Jarvis, CEO of CMPP

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