Zurich host special project for schools

Published: Wednesday 18 September 2019 by CMPP

Working with CMPP partners Zurich, Fluor and The Village Hotel, plus TI Media and Willmott Dixon, each school got to spend 50 minutes in each business.  Students from the five Rushmoor schools; Alderwood Senior School, Cove School, Fernhill School, The Wavell School and Samuel Cody Specialist College all had the opportunity to take a tour of the five businesses.  In addition, they spent time finding out what each company did, what careers were available and the opportunity to talk to and ask questions so they could find out what it was like to work in each of those businesses.


They spent lunchtime relaxing on the deck chairs in the sunshine under the air hangar at Farnborough Business Park before their final two visits.  Said Katy Marlow, Events Coordinator, FBP, “We were privileged to be able to facilitate the Experience of the Workplace visit with CMPP and Zurich Community Trust at Farnborough Business Park. It’s inspiring to know that we have contributed to raising the aspirations of these young people. We recognise that they are our future workforce and are hopefully we have cemented Farnborough as a fantastic place to work when their working life begins.”


Students listening to a presentation at Willmott Dixon

Most of the students visiting the park hadn’t heard of the companies they were visiting and it was the first time they had visited a place of work.

We asked the students to describe some of the work places they visited in three words; some of the words they used included: motivational, inspiring, aspirational, interesting, positive, modern, eye-opening.  The feedback has been inspiring and the students went back to school buzzing from their experience.


A young Engineer from Fluor talking to students about playing a part in the local community. 

The businesses all really enjoyed their day hosting the students as well, “It was a real pleasure to meet so many students from the local area and let them know about what we do as a business at TI Media. Hopefully they found it informative and fun and it inspired some of them to look in to Media as a career option!” Jess Holmes, Commercial Manager, TI Media.

This project was possible thanks to the generous funding of the Zurich Trust and the support of the businesses involved; Farnborough Business Park, Fluor, TI Media, The Village Hotel, Willmott Dixon and Zurich.


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