BMW Sponsor special "canine" project for Manor Junior School

Published: Tuesday 12 November 2019 by CMPP

Canine Assisted Learning is dedicated to improving mental health and emotional wellbeing  through specialist canine support, providing interventions in workplaces, universities, colleges, schools, mental health hospitals and care homes.

Victoria uses a range of tools, from conversation starters to games.  Charlie (the dog) will pick a card and Victoria and the pupil will have a chat about that card, often using Charlie to help verbalise those feelings by discussing how Charlie might react or behave to show those emotions. 

They also have worksheets.  Everything is very 'dog' focussed, helping the children to open up, they also learn more about the physical effects of some of their emotions and how those manifest.

The school have been delighted with the effect that the sessions have been having on their pupils, many of them are opening up in class or their behaviour is calmer, helping them in the classroom setting and ultimately their learning.

Thank you to BMW Group UK for sponsoring this wonderful initiative and to Victoria and Charlie for making a difference to the mental health and wellbeing of the children at Manor Junior School.

 If your organisation would like to fund a special bespoke project like this please email:

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