Published: Tuesday 21 January 2020 by CMPP

About Dominique. 

From Dominique’s leadership training and coaching you can expect enhanced personal impact and self-awareness that allow a leader to create positive interactions and positive lasting impressions.  Leadership that gives attention to healthy environments that promote the well-being and success of colleagues. 

DS Consulting also enables its clients to Reach New Heights with its science based NeuroCoaching. Certification in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health allows Dominique to combine the latest knowledge on neuroscience with psychology and biology, either via one to one coaching or a range of workshops. This area is particularly impactful for clients and teams wanting to build their mental toughness for a current situation where there may be a lack of confidence or high anxiety or to be ready for known or unknown future challenges.

Tracy Jarvis, CEO of CMPP commented: “We are really excited to be welcoming DS Consulting with all the experience and knowledge they bring to the group.  We are looking forward to the prospect of sharing the benefits of their work within our membership and into the community”

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