CMPP Accumulator challenge 2020

Published: Tuesday 21 January 2020 by CMPP

How it works

We give you £50 in cash to get you started.

Your aim is to transform this £50 into the largest amount you possibly can. The idea being to perhaps run several small challenges over the next few months to build your £50 into much more i.e. build and invest. There are no pre-set targets – you simply do your best. We will have prizes and goodies to hand out for most money raised, most innovative challenge etc. You have 7 months to accumulate 

So how do you fundraise? 

If you’re looking for inspiration, then here are just a few ideas that work really well:
  • Bake Sale – Sell cakes and treats, with all the profits going in to the pot
  • Dress Down Day – Everyone pays £1 to come to work in their own clothes – or fancy dress!
  • Set a Physical Challenge – Get a team together and get sponsored eg Complete a 12 hour static bike relay
  • Raffle a Day’s Holiday – The prize is an extra day annual leave. Now that’s worth £5 a ticket!
  • Car Wash – Turn your Car Park in to a ‘Soapy Joes’ for the day

We are here to support you

We can help by providing you with practical things such as collection buckets or to give you advice on fundraising ideas. We are only ever a phone call or email away.

FIVE great reasons to get involved

The money you raise from this challenge helps us to fund our three Key community projects:

The Community Action Day Programme enables teams of employees take on a community challenge such as creating a wildlife garden in a school or providing a makeover for a local charity’s venue. These are hands on corporate volunteering days that make a visible difference in the community.

The Business Ambassador Scheme enables individuals from businesses sharing their skills, expertise, time and passion with community groups, charities and schools. Activities range from helping out with mock interviews, to teaching a charity how to use Photoshop to produce marketing materials. This  CMPP programme is about sharing business skills with community groups.
The Business into Schools Project is about CMPP helping companies to build and develop bespoke projects for schools, such as engineering challenges, coding projects, science projects and branding competitions. These events get experts into education to inspire the next generation. 
BUT its more than just that, its also......great for
  • Building staff morale and encouraging team work
  • Potential PR and media opportunities to increase your profile
  • Great networking opportunity with other like-minded businesses
  • Achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Sign up today #CMPPaccumulatorchallenge

To be part of our £50 Accumulator Challenge, simply give Anthea a call on 01252 688 248 or email

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