Conquest Social Media are the 50th business to partner with CMPP for the community!

Published: Thursday 30 January 2020 by CMPP

The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is delighted to announce that Conquest Social Media is the 50th company to join the ground breaking charity! Founded by Tracy Jarvis back in 2010, CMPP is also celebrating another milestone by turning 10 this year.   Dan Adams, Brand Communications Director at Conquest Social Media said: ““We are delighted to be named as the 50th company to join this network of superb businesses working together for local communities. As part of our on-going Corporate Social Responsibility Policy we are committed to being able to help the society within which we operate our business. In addition, through our community investment work, we fund and sponsor a range of sports clubs which help inspire young people.”

Tracy Jarvis, Founder of CMPP said:It is just fantastic to have signed our 50th business in the year that we turn 10!  Since 2010, the network has grown and developed with more and more businesses committing each year to making a difference in local communities. It was my vision a decade ago to make that happen - and it's wonderful to see it all coming to fruition. The difference these committed businesses are making in local communities is phenomenal.”

Mrs Jarvis went on to explain that many companies like to support the community but struggle to find the time and capacity to make it happen: “Many companies offer their staff between 1 and 3 days a year corporate volunteering but less than 1% of employees actually take up this offer. The CMPP team helps companies to increase this take up by organising a variety of volunteering activities and events for employees to take part in - from helping out in schools to walking pets for people  who are unwell, renovating hospital gardens and supporting other local charities with business expertise.”

Community groups, schools, charities and not-for-profit organisations can apply for support via the CMPP website. These applications are sent to businesses which are looking for a community challenge and also to individuals who have signed up to become a Business Ambassador, representing their companies in the community.

The unique part of this charity is that it is self-funded. When a business joins the CMPP and becomes a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partner, they pay a fee according to their size. Collectively these fees are used to fund three specific projects which help to get their business professionals out into the community:

The Community Action Day Programme sees teams of employees take on a community challenge such as creating a wildlife garden in a school or providing a makeover for a local charity’s venue. These are hands on corporate volunteering days that make a visible difference in the community.

 The Business Ambassador Scheme sees individuals from businesses sharing their skills, expertise, time and passion with community groups, charities and schools. Activities range from helping out with mock interviews, to teaching a charity how to use Photoshop to produce marketing materials. This is CMPP programme is about sharing business skills with community groups.

 The Business into Schools Project is about CMPP helping companies to build and develop bespoke projects for schools, such as engineering challenges, coding projects, science projects and branding competitions. These events get experts into education to inspire the next generation. 

Commenting on the successes of the CMPP, Chair of Trustees Ms Sylvie Marshall, said: “2020 is a year of celebration for us. Fifty partners signed up, 17,000 corporate volunteers ready to help out - and a tenth birthday to celebrate! I would like to take this opportunity to thank the CMPP team and all of the businesses involved in the partnership for their tremendous efforts and achievements so far"

 If your business would like to find out more about the work of CMPP or you would be interested in joining the network, please email: or call 01252 688257



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