CMPP launch Speakers for Schools

Published: Thursday 05 March 2020 by CMPP

The Community Matters Partnership Project (CMPP) is delighted to announce that they have now officially launched The Prospect Trust’s Speakers for Schools Programme.


The Speakers for Schools Programme is an opportunity for local schools to take advantage of CMPP’s network of Professional Corporate Volunteers. CMPP is a local charity who helps companies to give back within the local community. This project is dedicated to providing inspirational speakers to enthuse, motivate and raise the aspirations of our school-aged students.  


This is an amazing opportunity for CMPP’s speakers to share their life stories and their career paths; how they got the roles and responsibilities they currently hold.  The Programme will provide insights into local businesses and a range of job opportunities. For students, the Programme enables them to benefit from real conversations with people who are shaping our world today.


The Prospects Trust are delighted to be the first sponsors of the CMPP Speakers into Schools Programme.


Simon Jarvis, Chief Executive Officer at CMPP said: The Trust is proud to be associated with CMPP and its remarkable work in the community.  We fully support this potentially invaluable initiative to bring the worlds of education and work more closely together.  It is of critical importance to inspire more young people with the voices of business leaders: this impressive rosta of volunteer speakers offer Schools an extraordinarily rich variety of skills, expertise and life experience. When businesses and education work together, pupils are inspired, new doors open and career horizons lift.

If you are a School that would like to take advantage of our Speakers for Schools Programme or someone who is interested in becoming a speaker please visit the CMPP website email or call 01252 688257

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