CMPP annouce new Chair

Published: Monday 18 May 2020 by CMPP

Paul is the Finance Director for The Prospect Trust, a multi academy educational trust operating in Hampshire and Surrey.  His career background is in accounting and audit and is experienced in managing finance, estates, ICT and information services within the public sector. Paul has held senior management positions in a number of FE colleges and also worked for the Audit Commission as a best value performance inspector reviewing the effectiveness of local government and health services to local people. Paul qualified as a chartered accountant with Hampshire County Council and managed a wide portfolio of internal audit contracts across the NHS and in Police, Fire and Probation services.

'I'm delighted to have received the support of the Board to undertake this important role at such a challenging time for CMPP, as it is for all charities.  There are certain to be pressures ahead but I hope to be able to work with the Trustees, Tracy and her excellent team to take advantage of the exciting opportunities which will emerge in the future and to continue the brilliant work CMPP has been doing with local businesses in our communities”

CMPP would like to thank Sylvie Marshall, the outgoing chair, for her diligent and hard working contribution to the development of the charity in its first year of operation.

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