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Published: Thursday 16 February 2017 by CMPP

Four employees from Capquest recently gave up their time to help out in Aldershot’s Emergency Nightshelter. Between the four employees (Louise Churn, Samantha Mayhew, Lauren Rawlings and Jessica Hawes) a total of 28 hours were given to volunteer alongside the Emergency Nightshelter which opened due to freezing cold temperatures.

The shelter had to open for roughly 21 days to support the homeless people in and around Aldershot. Without the addition of such a venue, these people wouldn’t have had a safe and warm place to go in sub-zero temperatures.

The four employee volunteers helped out serving food, talking to the shelter’s clients and generally helping clients around the venue. All of them enjoyed the experience and said that it was a real eye-opener. They all went on to explain that homelessness is a big issue. Perhaps more attention needs to be given to help these people get off the streets and integrate back into the community.

Jess explained: “One lady had her wisdom teeth removed and it was so difficult to see someone in so much pain, with nowhere else to go…no place to call home but I am really glad I could help make a difference to her.”

Louise said: “It’s a shame to see so many people wanting to volunteer but who drop out last minute. It leaves the organisers in despair, worrying how they can accommodate for a great number of homeless people. I think more needs to be done to get the word out there to help these people!”

Lauren really enjoyed the experience and walked away with a sense of achievement afterwards. She said: “It’s so nice to converse with such a range of characters, they all have really interesting, different, but still interesting stories to tell. There is obviously a problem with alcohol and drug misuse but they are just individuals wanting to live their lives, socialise with people and have fun. It felt great to give back to the community.”

Samantha explained, “I felt a little out of my comfort zone but it felt really good to give back to the community. I am privileged to have a house but these people don’t. I feel a lot more could be done to tackle the issue and help these people get out of the cold and back into their community.”

Volunteering is a fantastic way to build yourself and give back to the community.

To get involved with volunteering with the Nightshelter please contact The Vine Centre – Aldershot on 01252 400196 or email

To get involved with volunteering for CMPP please fill out the details on the 'become a volunteer' form.


Special thanks to Capquest for taking the time to help the Aldershot Emergency Nightshelter and to Aldershot Emergency Nightshelter for supporting the homeless.

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