Up and Over the O2

Published: Monday 03 October 2016 by CMPP

Joy Cross of HRG organised a unique way for partners and their families/friends to fund raise and have fun!

Lashing rain and strong winds were simply not enough to stop this intrepid band of fundraisers from conquering one of the most iconic landmarks in London - the roof of the O2!

Suspended 2m above the surface of The O2 roof, the walkway is 52m above ground level and 380m long. At its steepest point the walkway has an incline of 28° on the way up and 30° on the way back down and has a slight bounce to it to mirror the surface of the tent.

Joy Cross of HRG, who organised the venture, said: "A very BIG thank you to everyone (28 of us) from HRG, Farnborough Business Park, Fernhill School and First Wessex who took part or sponsored our Up and Over the O2 event! The aim of the climb was to raise funds for the Community Matters Partnership Project - Youth Aspiration Fund! Despite the weather a few slips, panics and scary moments only one person sustained an injury! Awesome experience - my  husband and I are going to go back and do it in the dark - in Summer! I have my fingers crossed we get somewhere near our £3,000 target - won't know until after end October - watch this space!!!" 

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