CMPP Celebrates 2016

Published: Friday 27 January 2017 by CMPP

On Thursday 26th January, CMPP were delighted to invite partners and delegates to the Aviator in Farnborough to reflect on the amazing high points of 2016!

Andrew Lloyd, Chief Executive of Rushmoor Borough Council and Chair of CMPP, welcomed guests to the event. He said, “I have been truly inspired to be part of such an outstanding organisation. I am proud to have worked alongside each and every one of you in building a better community. Together we have volunteered, inspired and raised money to help build one community in Rushmoor. ”

Christine Eustace, CMPP Project Manager explained, in a nutshell, how far the partnership has come, giving thanks to partners for their fundraising and skills sharing efforts. She went on to proudly announce the beneficiaries of the Youth Aspirations Fund (YAF).

Tracy Clement, CEO of local charity Creating Futures, amazed guests with a reflection of past and upcoming YAF projects, kindly granted to the charity by CMPP.  First, Ms Clement talked about the positive impact that the CMPP funded project ‘Hear Me Roar’ has had on vulnerable young women in Rushmoor and Hart, enabling them to have a voice and build confidence to face their futures. Secondly she enlightened the audience regarding five upcoming CMPP funded projects for 2017: The Zone, Aldershot Park & North Town Youth, The Gaming Zone, Rushmoor Young Carers and PEBL Youth Advocacy. Tracy said: “The provision from CMPP has allowed Creating Futures to reach a wider spread of young people and also provide more quality support. Thank you to CMPP for awarding us, not just one, but five projects over the coming year.”

Next to the stage was Suzanne Watkins, Support Services Manager of Parkside, a registered charity based in Aldershot that provides support services for children and adults with learning disabilities . Suzanne was accompanied by two work experience trainees, Scott Langdon and Stacey Armstrong. The Parkside trio explained how the YAF grant previously awarded by CMPP has and will continue to benefit the young people at the cafe.

Ms Watkins explained: “The trainees at Parkside Fab Cafe have been given more opportunities than we could ever have imagined by working with CMPP. The grant alone was overwhelming, but the continued support of the partnership is allowing our clients to flourish in areas outside of the cafe. Thank you to all partners for making this possible.”

Laura Wakefield, Employability Coordinator at The Sixth Form College Farnborough went on to tell the group about the college’s Training, Employment and Apprenticeship (TEA) Fair, another successful YAF funded project supported by more than 50 employers and attended by 1000+ students.

Mrs Wakefield went on to explain: “Without the grant we wouldn’t have been able to invest resources in promoting the event to a wider range of employers and providers. The Youth Aspirations Fund has enabled the College to expand the event and improve internal marketing to engage the students. Thank you to CMPP and its partners for helping us to make this TEA Fair the biggest yet with over 55 exhibitors.”

Andrew King, Headteacher of Cove School, explained how their YAF grant is enabling the school to invest more resources into raising the aspirations of disadvantaged young teenage boys.

Mr King said: “A key area for development at Cove School is to raise the aspirations and leadership skills of disadvantaged boys across the school. The initiative will help to drive and motivate these youngsters and prepare them for a successful life and career after school. Without grants like the Youth Aspirations Fund, projects like this would simply not happen, thank you.”

Partners were astonished to hear about the multiple risks and issues affecting young people today. CMPP helps organisations and schools provide suitable and sustainable projects which help educate and better the young people of today, allowing them to blossom into mature young adults who contribute to the community.

Fundraising is a challenge and without the dedicated time of CMPP members, the Youth Aspirations Fund would not be able to award 25 projects across 17 organisations.

To gear up the group for 2017, Tracy Jarvis, Project Consultant, left the group pondering with her astounding ‘What If…’ speech. Mrs Jarvis said: “What if” every school, college or workplace in Rushmoor held on the same day, one single dress down day where everyone involved donated £1. That’s around 17,000 employees and 20,000 students equating to a potential of £37,000 in one day….and so “what if”, this was not just something nice to do but a highly valued and important workplace strategy for business growth, for community giving and for employee well-being? “What if” this year you made it happen?”

 Jenna Grant, CMPP Project Coordinator, said: “Inspired and proud is an understatement. To be part of an organisation that delivers so much to a community, and develops projects year upon year, is very humbling. I am so excited to see what 2017 brings…we know it will keep getting better thanks to the dedicated and hard work of all our partners.”

2017 will see CMPP work with local schools, charities and not for profit organisations funded by the Youth Aspirations Fund (YAF) and/or Give and Get (G&G) Days.

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