One can, two can, who can? We can!

Published: Friday 21 April 2017 by CMPP

Easter is a time to remember and share love and happiness!

Following the success at Christmas, CMPP and partners decided to help Farnborough Foodbank with another collection over the Easter period. Farnborough Foodbank help some of the most deprived families and individuals living in the community and do a great job all year round!

CMPP and partners managed to collect an incredible 408kg of items in the form of tins, jars, cans, biscuit boxes, crisps, Easter eggs and toiletries!

Elan Goldsmith, CMPP Events Coordinator, said: "It's inspiring to see the generosity of all our partners during Easter! Thank you to all those who got involved and donated goods to the cause."

Jenna Grant, CMPP Project Coordinator, said: "It's overwhelming to work with such a range of people that are all dedicated to helping improve their local community. The sterling efforts all round by family, friends, colleagues and students took the total to just over 400kg of food (which is roughly 1000 cans of beans). Thank you to all partners who helped organise and promote the collections in their offices, you have all done a great job!"

A HUGE thank you to all partners, friends and family members who donated items to Farnborough Foodbank!

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