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19 Nov - Community Action Day - Alphabet Ltd and Horsell Common Preservation Society

On a cold morning in November a team of eight volunteers from Alphabet Ltd went along to Horsell Common to help the Horsell Common Preservation Society clear scrub land as part of the CMPP Community Action Day Programme. Scrub removal is a vital part of managing lowland heath, it is a low impact way of carrying out this work and helps reach the goals of the organisation to maintain a habitat for rare ground nesting EU protected birds, reptiles andinvertebrates as part of a wider food chain.

08 Nov - Community Action Day with Aetna and Ash Manor Secondary School

On a Friday in November a team of 11 corporate volunteers from Aetna International left the workplace for the day to give their time to Ash Manor School to help the school create a Pond and path for their Science Garden. The aim of this garden is to demonstrate different habitats and what effect these have on the environment. There is also a population of Crested Newts in the area, so attracting these would also make the pond a conservation area. 

01 Nov - Community Action Day with BMW and Knowl Hill School

On a Friday in November a wonderful team from BMW volunteered their time and went along to Knowl Hill School in Pirbright. This is a small school created especially for children with Dyslexia and associated learning needs. The school had applied to CMPP to for a Community Action Day to help give their playground some much needed TLC.

23 Sep - Aviator battle brambles at their Community Action Day at The Barnsbury Primary School

Read all about the Aviators Community Action Day at The Barnsbury School Sensory Garden Project.

18 Sep - Zurich host special project for schools

CMPP worked in conjunction with the Zurich Trust and Farnborough Business Park to deliver the ‘Experience of the Workplace’ project.  This exciting project which was funded by Zurich Trust enabled CMPP to organise for five schools to visit five businesses in a day.

13 Sep - Woking Borough Council And The Barnsbury Primary School - Community Action Day

Woking Borough Council make a splash helping The Barnsbury Primary School with their Pond Project

02 Sep - Sixth Sense Marketing and Workflow Document Solutions - Community Action Day

On Monday 2nd September, Nick from Sixth Sense Marketing and Thomas from Workflow Document Solutions went along to Parkside to help the charity with their large scale tidy up and clear out.

02 Sep - Aetna and The Starburst Theatre Academy - Community Action Day

Now normally we write this blog ourselves but the team at Aetna went above and beyond to write about their Community Action Day and let's face it, they can tell all about their day better then we can so, take it away Aetna: 

16 Aug - BMW set the stage at their Starburst Theatre Academy Community Action Day

A team of 17 volunteers from BMW "break a leg" at their Community Action Day

07 Aug - UKCloud and Oaktree Infant School Community Action Day

Creating a 'Small Pet Area' - read all about UKClouds Community Action Day

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