About us

 Our core values

Our aims and objectives are underpinned by a number of key values. which guide how we operate, how we make decisions, how we communicate, engage and how we do business.

CMPP vows to:

  • make a difference in everything that we seek to do
  • act with honesty and integrity at all times 
  • be transparent, open, honest and willing to change and develop the way in which we do things 
  • provide the best possible service to the businesses who fund our work and give us resources to make a difference 


The day-to-day management of CMPP is undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer who is supported by the CMPP Board of Trustees. 

The Trustees of CMPP come from a variety of backgrounds and providing a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise to assist CMPP in its management. The Board of Trustees have the  oversight of the management of CMPP. They ensure that CMPP are working towards meeting the highest standards of Governance and delivery.  The CEO reports to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis via the CMPP Board of Trustees meetings. The board of Trustees hold a annual AGM. 

How is CMPP funded?

Companies think of volunteering as free, but this is not the case. In order to set up rich, bespoke and meaningful volunteering projects we need to employee a team of people to find, source, scope, liaise and manage the intense workload that goes with these events. 

70% of our income is currently generated through companies and organisations when they join us and become Partners but this doesn't cover the full cost of running the charity. The other 30% needed comes from fundraising activities and events that we host.

CMPP became a registered charity on the 17th May 2019.  

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