About us

CMPP was established in 2010 by Founder Tracy Jarvis with a vision to bring together all the amazing companies in her community to provide helping hands for charities and not-for-profits suffering in the recession.

Tracy set about recruiting businesses to "join" the project and has taken it from a starting point of four Founding Partners (TAG Farnborough Airport, Vivid, The Sixth Form College, Farnborough and The Aviator Hotel) to over 60 businesses who have made a firm commitment to the community because of their involvement with CMPP. 

Since 2010, the remarkable CMPP team have encouraged a variety of corporates, SMEs, public sector and micro businesses to join this pioneering organisation. In that time, they have raised over 1 million pounds in funding to support a variety of community projects. 

The most unique aspect to CMPP is the extraordinary collaboration it inspires. This project is funded by everyone paying a little, resourced by everyone doing a little - and it is all those little things that add up make a big difference. 

Our Values 

Our aims and objectives are underpinned by a number of key values. which guide how we operate, how we make decisions, how we communicate, engage and how we do business. CMPP vows to:

  • make a difference in everything that we seek to do
  • act with honesty and integrity at all times 
  • be transparent, open, honest and willing to change and develop the way in which we do things 
  • ensure that our work in the community is not just about ticking boxes but addresses real priorities  
  • provide the best possible service to the businesses who fund our work and give us resources 


The day-to-day management of CMPP is undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer who is supported by the CMPP Board of Trustees.  The Trustees of CMPP come from a variety of backgrounds and providing a broad range of skills, knowledge and expertise to assist CMPP in its management. The Board of Trustees have overall oversight of the management of CMPP. They ensure that we are working towards meeting the highest  standards of Governance.  The CEO reports to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis.

Alongside the Trustees, CMPP benefits from the guidance of a steering group drawn from representatives across the CMPP partners. Steering group provides advice and insight to the CMPP management on what projects to undertake in the community, the constraints they might face and how partners could work more effectively together.  

How is CMPP funded?

CMPP seeks to ensure that the work we undertake can be completed within the financial restrictions of the organisation. The more CMPP grows its Partners, the more we are able to deliver.  People often believe volunteering is free, but this is not the case. In order to set up volunteering projects, we have to employee a team of part-timers to find, source, scope, liaise and manage the volunteering project. This then needs to be captured in a report to record outcomes and to evaluate social impact. In turn, we develop a case study so that we can share our work and demonstrate its value. 

CMPP raise 70% of our income (around £70,000) through companies and organisations when they join us and become Partners.  The other 30% of our income (£30,000) comes from fundraising activities and events.

It costs on average £90,000 to run CMPP. The revenue generated enables us to pay for staffing, projects, events, marketing materials, the website, digital marketing and print, insurance, logos, photos, t-shirts, training, safeguarding and GDPR support. 


Pictured Above: Employees from local companies provide helping hands to create a music therapy garden at Henry Tyndale School. 

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