Alphabet (part of BMW Group UK) visited Cherrywood school to help clean up the outdoor pond area

On Thursday 19 April 2018, a group of volunteers from Alphabet (partner company of BMW), went to Cherrywood School to help clean up their outdoor pond area. 

The school were delighted at the results! Here's what Juli from Cherrywood had to say about the employee volunteering day:

"We are extremely lucky to have a pond area within the school grounds which is a great benefit to the children. It does take some upkeep and unfortunately over time, the liner in the pond had deteriorated and the pond was no longer holding water. The volunteer group relined the pond for us, tidying the edges and making sure that they were safe. They also spent time clearing and trimming some of the more overgrown parts of the pond area.  In addition to this mammoth task, they also laid a path to the pond and spent time building a composting bin in our allotment area for the children to begin to learn how to effectively compost.

"From my point of view, it was great to liaise with Vikki on the project and the group that joined us for the day were brilliant. It has helped us to form links within the community in order to support he children in the school. It seemed that they day was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were involved.

"The pond is a valuable part of our school as it homes a great deal of wildlife and allows the children to learn about their environment.

"Many children who attend our school do not have gardens at home and the pond area provides them with the opportunity to learn about the wildlife that we have in the community. It has also enabled us to teach the children about the environment and why it is important to look after our surroundings. This will impact upon how the children look after their community away from school. The composting area wills also allow us to teach the children about the importance of composting and recycling

"The volunteer group that joined us were fantastic.  They worked wonders with the areas and brought some great ideas to the school.  

"The children really enjoyed meeting the volunteers as well and were amazed at how hard they had worked to help our school."

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