Balfour Beatty Revamp Henry Tyndale School Garden!

On 18 April 2017, volunteers from Capquest and Balfour Beatty gave up their time to help local special needs school, Henry Tyndale. The volunteers were tasked with weeding, planting and general sprucing up of the garden areas.

Having helped Henry Tyndale in the past to set up a multi-sensory garden, CMPP and partners jumped at the opportunity to revisit their work and help the school out again!

The team of volunteers had a wonderful day in the sun, helping to get the grounds ready for summer learning. A range of hanging baskets were prepared ready for the children to come back and plant after Easter.

Rob Thompson, Headteacher at Henry Tyndale School, also brought numerous plants for volunteers to plant. All of which were placed around the grounds, helping to provide more colour and stimuli throughout the school site. Although simple, the bright new plants will make all the difference to pupils at the school and provide them with challenging colourful stimuli which will hopefully encourage a positive mood.

Finally, the volunteers also helped to get the overgrown rockery back to it’s gleaming and polished state.

At the beginning of the day it was apparent that volunteers had their work cut out for them. Travelling to and from to get some action snapshots, Jenna Grant, CMPP Operations Manager and Project Coordinator said, “It’s outstanding to see the hard work of our partner volunteers. Everytime we have a Give & Get Day employees just throw themselves into the task and hand and really pull together to get the job done! The progress throughout the day was phenomenal, and on behalf of CMPP, a huge thank you to all involved!”

Emma Hayward from Capquest said: “I focused my time working around the 6th form garden, where myself and two other volunteers worked together to tidy up the area by clearing all the weeds and replacing this with bark and repotting all the plants. We were provided with the relevant tools and gloves and was a very nice to have tea and coffee provided to keep us going throughout the day. It was physically challenging for myself, however it was thoroughly enjoyable and a very good feeling to see the transformation of what we had all achieved. I hope more opportunities arise in the future for me to help out again.”

Nadine Leathley from Capquest said: “Volunteering at Henry Tyndale was a great day, it was a nice feeling knowing we were doing it for a good cause for children of varied ages who will really appreciate it. I'd love to volunteer again!”

Sam Baker from Capquest said: “I worked with Rui (a volunteer from Balfour Beatty) to reconstruct what was the ‘rockery’ area. I enjoyed the sense of comradery of all those present; working towards a unified goal seemed to relax the ‘normal’ social boundaries of strangers. I know 2 children that go to the school, so found myself easily motivated.  That said, the Chocolate Biscuits and Viennese Whirls were certainly not unwelcome! Above all else, I found a great deal of fulfilment having contributed in some small way towards the education and well being of less-abled children. I would jump at the chance to do it again! Thank you for the opportunity.”

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who bought colour and life back to the grounds of Henry Tyndale!

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