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We help businesses to develop their community engagement strategies. Membership to CMPP gives businesses access to a variety of projects and programmes that enable you to give back. From virtual volunteering, to charity event sponsorship, hands on projects in hospital grounds to giving talks in schools and colleges, the list really is endless. And best of all, we do all of the organising! 

Why join? 

  • Organising corporate volunteering is time consuming for a business. And so, here at CMPP we do all of that leg work for you. We source, scope and set up meaningful projects working closely with community groups to understand their needs. 
  • Giving back is good for business, for society and for our workforce. 
  • Corporate Volunteering act as great for team building days.
  • Community engagement is a fantastic tool for employee engagement and bringing your people. together to something fabulous. 
  • Working with like-minded companies enables you to share ideas and develop your strategies. 

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Depending upon your size a set number of Community Action Days (detailed in packages)
  • Unlimited opportunities for virtual volunteering.
  • Access to networking events to meet like-minded businesses, sharing ideas on Community Engagement and corporate volunteering. 
  • Unlimited access to all CMPP fundraising events which raise money for other charities. 
  • Our logo on your website and your logo on ours showing partnership working. 
  • A wellbeing and staff engagement programme. 
  • An opportunity for your business and your people to do something good in the world. 

If you are interested in membership please email us at

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