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When you join CMPP you are becoming part of something fantastic, you are joining a network of like-minded businesses which is incredibly powerful in terms of what it can do in society.

CMPP focuses on the needs of society as well as being considerate about buying locally and supporting each others businesses. 
The outcomes for the community is obvious, and the outcomes for businesses who invest in society can be just as great.

Business benefits include: 

  • Enhanced brand value - get involved and showcase what your company stands for 
  • Reputation - people buy from trusted good brands 
  • More business deals - CMPP encourage businesses to support each other 
  • Evidence for tenders - showing how you support your community 
  • Business opportunities - you will make new contacts 
  • Workforce Development - take the lead on a social projects in your community 
  • Team building - that makes a real difference in your community 

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Organised fundraising events -it is one of the ways how we pay for this to happen. 
  • Organised employee volunteering programme 
  • Free Networking events - bringing you all together to discuss, share ideas and form strong local relationships. 
  • Additional positive marketing and PR opportunities to raise your profile;  
  • Help, ideas and insight to ensure your CSR programme really counts. 

When companies join the CMPP Network we encourage them to donate a fee (based on size and nature) to enable us to be here to organise all of the volunteering, fundraising and networking events that Partners are able to take part in.                                   

Type of company Employees Suggested donation
Corporate partner 100+ £5000
Public sector or medium sized business 55-99 £2500
Small business 10-49 £1000
Micro business 1-9 £500

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