Become a Partner

When you join CMPP you are making a commitment to the local community. You are joining a network of like-minded companies and organisations who wish to make a difference within the community. 

What are the benefits to businesses? 

  • Enhanced brand value - get involved and showcase what your company stands for 
  • Reputation - people buy from trusted good brands 
  • Evidence for tenders - showing how you support your community 
  • Workforce development - take the lead on social projects in your community 
  • Team building - that makes a real difference in your community 
  • Corporate Volunteering Scheme - unlimited volunteer opportunities 
  • Employee engagement 
  • Showcase to your employees and stakeholders your ethical thinking 

What do you get when you become a partner of the project? 

  • Organised corporate volunteering programme 
  • A network to share ideas and to collaborate 
  • A Social impact report to showcase the difference made within the local community 
  • Help, ideas and insight to ensure your CSR programme really counts 

When companies join the CMPP Network we encourage them to donate a fee (based on size) as this is how we fund the charity to operate.                     

Type of company Employees Suggested donation
Corporate CSR partner 100+ £5000
Medium sized business 41-99 £2500
Small business 10-40 £1000
Micro business 1-9 £500

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