BMW corporate volunteers create a gleaming garden at Southwood Infants School

On 3 April 2017, a group of volunteers from the Corporate Communications Team at BMW UK came to Southwood Infant School to get their grounds ready for the summer.

The volunteers participated in a range of projects and thanks to their hard work the school now have a tidy and smart playground and woodland. The beautiful butterfly garden which has been planted will attract plenty of insects for the children to study in science. The youngest children in reception, always hatch caterpillars and then watch them transform into butterflies and this will give the children a lovely area to release them into.

The painted stage and garden sheds have transformed the playground into a smart and tidy place to play. The woodland walk has been tidied up ready for a bark path to be laid so that the children can safely access the area to enjoy lots of mini-beast hunts. New bird boxes were installed and our seating area was painted.

The BMW team also took part in the school day by giving assembly and bringing some BMW’s down for the children to learn about and have a go at sitting in.

"Now the school looks nice and neat again. The woodland walk is looking beautiful and pretty because we can see the bluebells. It's all tidied up and much better." - Grace Year One

"The stage is great I really like the black and silver colours. The black looks shiny and new." - Bella Year One


Gina Finn, Internal Communications Manager at BMW UK said “When the opportunity to help out Southwood Infant school came up through our partnership with the Community Matters Partnership Project we jumped at the chance to support and give something back to our local community.  Southwood Infant School is just round the corner from our Headquarters and it was so great to make a real change to the school and to know the children will benefit from the work we have done."

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who gave up their time to bring life back to the school's grounds!

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