BMW Corporate Volunteers transform the St Michaels school grounds into a Jubilee Jungle

On 4 September 2017, a group of volunteers from the Product & Marketing Communications team at BMW, went to St. Michael’s school to help transform their overgrown wilderness back into a joyful Jubilee Jungle!

After a quick briefing and some refreshments, courtesy of the school, volunteers were fuelled and equipped with secateurs and spades and embarked on their tremendous journey to cut back hedges, brambles and shrubbery.

Due to lack of manpower, the jungle had really overgrown and the area was completely unusable. St. Michael’s wanted to rejuvenate the area to make it sparkling once again so that children can utilise the area for their outdoor studies, and as a relaxing environment for them to play at break times.

Covered head to toe in clothing so that the brambles were kept at bay (and away from causing injuries), Steph and her team got to work bashing through the wilderness, clearing it into bins, that by lunchtime were completely filled to the brim. Through the support of CMPP, the outside area can once again be utilised by pupils throughout their school day

Steph Gover, Team Assistant at BMW, commented: “It’s been a wonderful day! We’ve all had an incredibly enjoyable time helping out a local primary school. We couldn’t believe the challenge we were faced with in the morning when we arrived, but no challenge is too big for my team. It proved to be hard work and a lot of manual labour, but to see the transformation was very inspiring - we cannot wait to come back out on another Give and Get Day!”

Jenna Grant, CMPP Operations Manager & Project Coordinator, commented: “What a sterling job from all in the Product and Communications team! The transformation has really been incredible. At the start of the day we were fighting through brambles and overgrown bushes all round the trail to even see the pond and benches, that were once provided a lovely outside area for youngsters to enjoy. With support from BMW, pupils will once again be able to enjoy this area throughout the Spring and Summer terms - great job to all involved!”

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