BMW Group UK Splat & Chat with Henry Tyndale School

On 24 July 2017, a group of volunteers from BMW went to Henry Tyndale school to help repaint the corridors and some classrooms and bring the walls back to life!

The necessary use of wheelchairs and specialist equipment throughout the school means the walls get heavily scuffed and marked. Rob Thompson, Headteacher at Henry Tyndale, quickly put in his application for employee volunteers to come and help brighten the place up, and CMPP were delighted to support!

Equipped with rollers, brushes and paint, the team got straight to work transforming the walls from bleak, scuffed and dented to polished, gleaming and fresh!

Rob Thompson commented: “We’re extremely grateful to CMPP and its network of generous employees! This is now our third completed Give & Get Day and we feel lucky to keep receiving the support of local businesses to keep our school a bright and enjoyable place to learn - thank you.”

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