Community Action Days

Community Action Days: where the CMPP team broker a project between businesses, corporate-volunteers and the local community.       

Take a look at some of the past projects (to the right on this page) that business from within CMPP have helped to transform! These have included community pond projects, allotments for schools, renovating nature trails, making over classrooms, creating sensory gardens, outdoor classrooms, eco-school grounds, decorating school libraries, school halls and implementing new resources such as community cafes, science gardens, running tracks and educational play equipment.

If your charity, school or voluntary organisation would like some helping hands with a project in the local area, please complete the short application to tell us more.  CMPP will then offer your project to the CMPP businesses when they request a community action day. 

Please note you must be a paying Partner of CMPP to be able to access the Community Action Day projects. It is the fees from the Partners that allows up to fund and set-up these events. If you would like to become a partner and access this array of corporate volunteering opportunities please click here for details

We are not able to guarantee that your project will be selected, but we can ensure you that we will offer it out.  

For further info contact:

Pictured above, corporate volunteers create a new pond within a school ground to help children study the natural environment. 


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