Companies fund project to help boys Achieve at Frogmore Community College

Aiming Higher

The gender gap had been a concern in schools for a while now. Frogmore Community College identified a group of boys who were underachieving and applied for a Youth Aspirations Grant to run an Achievement Project with the group. Frogmore had previously put various interventions in place with them, however wanted to go the extra mile and the YAF has helped the school to achieve this.

The aim of the current phase of the project is to increase motivation, improve their self-worth and encourage the boys to take responsibility for their actions. Frogmore have planned various events for the boys to be involved in. These include team building activity sessions at Runway’s End, outdoor adventurous activities where they need to rely on each other and motivation seminars. The school also visited a post 16 college to experience a taster session in a range of vocational subject areas, aiming to provide something to aim for when they leave Frogmore. There are a few more activities still due to happen, including an Army practical teamwork activity session and an external visitor to come in and speak with the group.

The leadership skills that were developed at Runways End Activity Centre were extremely noticeable.

Chris Vaudin, Headteacher at Frogmore, comments: “Seeing the boys take control of the team building and problem solving tasks was excellent. When doing a kayaking session it was clear that the boys were taking responsibility for their actions and expressing their frustrations when others weren’t following instructions or listening. The engagement during the taster sessions at FCOT was excellent and the excitement on the bus on the way home was amazing. Knowing that they now have a realistic goal for their next steps after Frogmore definitely has motivated the group, they have returned to Year 10 in a completely different mindset!”

The project also improved self-esteem and self-confidence following the team building and problem solving exercises, having a powerful impact of the boys emotional wellbeing and health.

Overall, the group of 12 students have benefited from the project, have improved motivation and behaviour which will benefit the others in their class and the teacher. Having a more solid career plan will ultimately have a positive effect on their wellbeing as they will aspire to become what they dream. There has also been significant short term benefits to the school community in the improved motivation of these students. The wider benefits will hopefully come to bear as the remainder of the project unfolds.

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