Corporate Volunteering

CMPP bring local businesses into the community through a variety of ways, one of the most dynamic and rewarding schemes is the CMPP corporate volunteering programme.

You need to be a partner organisation of CMPP (this is how we fund this work) to be able to access the corporate volunteering opportunities on offer. 

There are a number of programmes, that you and your employees of the project can engage:

Why is corporate volunteering SO good? 

According to Forbes there are a number of reasons why programmes like CMPP are worth the personal and financial investment. Firstly, improved collaborations between local businesses, a fantastic employee engagement tool alongside a great way to motivate and build trust between colleagues and workplace teams.

Secondly, increased self-awareness, which is found to directly affect decision-making, coordination and conflict management and thirdly, impact on revenue, investing in corporate volunteering has been shown to save companies large amounts in retention alone

Companies love Corporate Volunteering! Do you want to get involved? Get your company signed up and make a pledge to  Drop us an email to find out more. 


Pictured above: Employee Volunteers from TAG Farnborough Airport working on a school project to bring more colour into the grounds. 

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