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Community Action Days

CMPP scope and broker an array of bespoke Community Action Days for companies.

CAD days are for between 5 - 20 Corporate Volunteers who take on a challenge set by a local school, charity or not for profit organisation. The video below is an example of what CMPP can deliver to your business and its employees. You can read more about Community Action Days on the impact page.



Community Action Days provide much needed helping hands to not for profit organisations. The impact of CAD projects can be seen long after the volunteers have left, leaving a lasting difference to a community, fuelling motivation and lifting the morale of all involved. 

Business Ambassador Corporate Volunteering Scheme

The CMPP Business Ambassador Scheme helps individual employees to get out and volunteer.

Ambassadors are a multi-skilled army adding incalculable value to the community.  As importantly, Business Ambassadors carry with them the values of the progressive companies who have been far-sighted enough to release them!


Many companies offer employees paid time to volunteer but most struggle to get more than a small minority of their workforce out. The CMPP Corporate Volunteering Schemes are an easy, effective support for companies looking to deliver corporate volunteering entitlements. 



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