Corporate Volunteering with CMPP

The CMPP team organise an array of corporate volunteering opportunities for you and your staff. We do this in two ways; through our Community Action Day programme for teams across your workplace to come together and take on a challenge day as well as through our individual Business Ambassador Scheme. 

Community Action Days (CAD): 

We, scope and broker an array of bespoke Community Action Days for companies to engage with. CAD days are generally for between 5 - 20 Corporate Volunteers who take on an application received from a local school, charity or not for profit organisation looking for some #helpinghands. 

Take a look at the many projects completed by Partners of CMPP on the Community Action Day Page

Community Action Days provide much needed helping hands for local schools, charities and community groups. They leave a marked difference at the end of the day and are great events for team building days that leave a marked difference. 


Corporate volunteers from Aetna transform the outside learning area at Parsonage Farm Nursery and Infant School. "I just wanted to say how much we loved the work we did at Parsonage Farm and we can't wait to do more" Damien Lenihan - CEO Aetna Insurance Company. 


CMPP Business Ambassador Corporate Volunteering Scheme:

Our Business Ambassador Scheme offers employees opportunities to go out and volunteer in the local community as an individual. Despite most companies offering their employees paid time to go out and volunteer, most struggle to get more than 1% of their workforce out. The CMPP Business Ambassador Corporate Volunteering Scheme helps support company volunteer policies.

Alongside the obvious benefit to the community - additional skills, exertise, resource, manpower, is the benefit to the individual Ambassador and to the company brand. Volunteering is good for us, it is good for our souls, our mental health, our to our wellbeing. This in turn creates positivity within the workplace and a good vibe, all important aspects in today's workplaces. It is no longer just about providing work, it is so much more and CSR should be a strategic aim, sat right at the heart of your company thinking.  

Pictured above: Business Ambassador Tom Prout from Workflow document Solutions 

To take part in a Community Action Day or Business Ambassador Scheme your organisation has to be a Partner of CMPP. To partner with us, simply call 01252 688257 or email us: 

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