Corporate Volunteers from Aviator, TAG and UK Cloud improve School Grounds

On 26 July 2017, a group of volunteers from The Aviator, Capquest, TAG and UK Cloud embarked on an adventure to tidy up some outdoor areas at Fernhill Primary School.

The whole day was a huge success with volunteers getting stuck into all tasks including weeding, raking, digging, weeding and some painting.

What was an overgrown, full to the brim jungle of weeds, has now been brought back to its beautiful clean state, ready for children to enjoy learning and playing outside.

Ruth Griffiths, Headteacher at Fernhill Primary School, commented: “I can’t believe how fantastic our school looks after the hard work of your volunteers! Everyone worked incredibly hard and we are extremely grateful for everything they achieved, particularly on such a horrible day. A huge thanks to CMPP and their volunteers!”

Leighton James, Director of Cloud & Strategy Products at UKCloud, said: “I was delighted to be given the opportunity by CMPP to help out at Fernhill Primary School. Although the rain was relentless, the group of volunteers persevered knowing that we were making a genuine difference to the staff and children.  It’s a great feeling to support the local community and be part of a simple but effective transformation of the school’s environment.”

Eloise Ritchie, Employee at the Aviator, said: "I had a fantastic time working hard and helping spruce up the school before term starts. It was great to see how much work could be done in such a short space of time and despite the rain!"

Marion Franklin, Employee at The Swan, said: "We got very wet, but what a scream, had a fantastic time and met some very nice people. Love this school as my children went there years ago, and happy to do this again!"

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who committed their time to transform this area!

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