Equalities Policy

Equalities Policy


CMPP is committed to promoting equal opportunities and challenging discrimination, both in employment, the work we carry out and the services we deliver.

Valuing cultural diversity

Our belief in cultural diversity and respect for those with additional needs, beliefs, values and abilities will help:

  • build trust and confidence between varied communities
  • provide a richer mix of ideas and talents to draw from
  • create more efficient and effective decision-making.

Promoting participation

We will endeavour to work with groups that are traditionally under-represented, to provide them with a more active role in shaping the work that we do. In this way we are able to encourage participation, openness and honesty.

Promoting equality of opportunity

We will work with groups who commonly experience poorer access to employment, have fewer training opportunities and are under-represented in the workforce.   

Promoting inclusive communities

Our work will strive to build a cohesive community where people feel they belong, where their lives are appreciated and valued, and where people with similar life opportunities develop strong, positive relationships with people who are from different backgrounds.

Reducing disadvantage and exclusion

Where possible our projects will work to eliminate the causes of disadvantage and exclusion, and target projects that help include groups at greatest risk.

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